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At NuMale Medical Center of Albuquerque, we aim to help men restore their youth. Whether it be through effective weight loss programs, hair restoration, or sexual wellness treatments, our team of experts will take great care for each and every client’s specific needs.

Achieve Physical and Sexual Wellness

We understand that as men age, they face a number of changes that affect how their bodies perform. This is why we specialize in the most advanced sexual dysfunction treatments available. We want to offer men a chance to take control of their bodies, and restore what they have lost. Something like a low libido does        not only affect men physically, but psychologically as well.

This type of issue makes it difficult, or even impossible in some cases, to achieve intimacy, which can severely impact how a man feels about himself. It is not uncommon to see men experience reduced energy as a result, along with stress and even signs of depression. With a caring team lead by a knowledgeable expert like Dr. Asandra, men can relax knowing that we have the solutions to their problems. An affordable consultation is all it takes to begin your path toward rejuvenation.

During your consultation:

  • We’ll perform a Doppler ultrasound
  • We provide a sample of Erectile Dysfunction medication
  • Year-long refillable prescriptions
  • Your consultation remains private
  • Testosterone, PSA, and Estrogen* lab tests are administered (Estrogen* test is administered if a medical provider recommends)

We have maintained a 98% success rate for a reason. Our team is very passionate about helping the men in Albuquerque and surrounding cities who are suffering, but don’t know what to do. Men can feel safe when they walk through our doors, because they will be seen by certified professionals who only administer FDA-approved medications for our clients’ safety. Get started by scheduling your consultation today!

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Our Mission Statement:

"NuMale’s mission is to provide world-class, therapeutic care that supports optimal health and lifelong vitality. We strive to foster quality, long-term relationships with our patients to deliver optimal results. We trust our valuable healthcare team and pledge to treat one another with respect, honor, and loyalty."

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